Polish Aeronautical Technology Platform


  1. Participation in main actions of European Aero-Space Platform
  2. Preparation of a strategic, national research program reflecting the needs of companies from aviation sector which could constitute an element of the National Frame Program
  3. Preparation of a strategy for development of advanced aviation technologies.
  4. Participation in creation of policy and legislation in order to stimulate innovation.
  5. Integration of key business and research partners from aviation area.
  6. Increase competitiveness and use structural funds (NPR 2004-2006, NPR 2007-2013) in the most efficient way to raise competitiveness of Polish aviation industry.
  7. Establishing strong links between science and aviation industry through initiation and coordination of researches and commercialization of their results.
  8. Promotion of innovations and lobbing for scientific and technological development of aviation.
  9. Active cooperation with other Polish Technological Platforms.